Tarpaulin for trucks and trailers has grown significantly in popularity not only in South Africa, but around the world. It offers numerous benefits for both the transporter and the receiver, benefits that are too good to overlook and pass on. Previously many owners of open trucks and trailers might have found it difficult to transport materials from point A to point B without incurring some sort of loss or damage. When having an open truck or flatbed one has to always carry the fear of losing hopefully a small portion of materials and load during the transit due to bumpy roads, harsh weather and even looting. The word hopefully is used loosely as sometimes the loss can be substantially greater than a small portion. Fortunately all these issues, concerns and fears can now be put to rest and taken care of by using truck tarps. Tarps have become an essential component in the trucking and transport industry. With an increasing interest around the country by truck owners and companies to secure their belongings and goods, the demand for tarp and custom printed tarpaulin is at the highest it has ever been. With a great demand, the need for recognized and trustworthy tarpaulin suppliers is a must. Cargo Tarp & Net is an established company that is able to find and fit the perfect tarp on your truck and will help with any adjustments necessary.

There are numerous types of truck tarpaulin available for usage which include; PVC tarp, canvas tarp and regular duty tarp to name a few. The customization options make it easier for truck owners and drivers to cater for and combat their most immediate concerns with regards to road travel. The availability of different sizes makes the selection process much easier as a more secure fit reduces the chance of theft and also reduces the time spent trying to adjust and strap down the tarp. Aside from offering protection against extreme weather and circumstances, customization is sought after because it allows company a larger platform to advertise their merchandise and services. Although we know the benefits of opting of tarpaulin cover options, many still beg to differ and the question remains, is truck tarpaulin really needed?

Well the answer is YES! Purchasing tarpaulin for your truck will effectively cost a lot of money but it is also a great long term investment. Many people don’t entertain the idea of investing in such a product because no one wants to deal with the upfront cost associated with purchasing customized tarp. Excluding the financial sacrifice, time is also an important factor. To ensure that you have the best quality product and design you will need to set aside time to go tarp shopping and finding the tarp that will be most suitable for you and your business as well as the material that is better suited for the goods that you transport. It is important to do all the necessary research and be well informed before selecting a tarp. Having decent background knowledge before starting the process will prevent you from getting fooled by sales personnel who are just looking to make a quick buck. It is important to remember that a good quality product comes with an equivalent price tag. It is much better to purchase new tarp as opposed to reused tarp. Although the task at hand might seem a bit daunting and have you feeling doubtful, keep in mind that truck tarps are extremely beneficial with negative aspects only associated with the loading and unloading of goods on the truck. It will ultimately assist in protecting the truck and load from unforeseen circumstance such as heat exposure, moisture and spillage.

With all the amazing pro’s of committing and investing in tarpaulin you might not need much convincing but here is a summary of all the benefits that can be derived from truck tarps.

1. Protection of valuables and loaded materials against harsh weather conditions. With our African climate we should be familiar with extreme and sudden changes in the weather throughout the day. It is possible to even experience all four seasons in a single day. You therefore do not want to be caught off-guard and unsuspecting when the change occurs. Knowing that your cargo is safe and not exposed allows you to travel irrespective of the weather.

2. The tarpaulin cover holds the cargo in place, preventing it from falling over and causing damage. It is particularly important when transporting liquid chemicals that the chance of spillage is zero. Spillage of harmful and toxic chemicals which result in illness or injury could lead to unwanted lawsuits.

3. Tarpaulin is easily adjustable and you can maneuver it and place it on the truck however you desire.

4. The most assuring quality of tarp is that it is easy to repair even when on the go. Tarp repairs can be seen to by the driver and do not require a lot of time. Having a repair kit on hand which should consists of tarp tape and glue is all you need for those unexpected rips or tears.

Cargo Tarp & Net is one of the leading tarpaulin suppliers in Durban. Give us a call if you would like to inquire about our tarp range and services.

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