There are numerous difficulties truck owners and drivers are faced with when trying to transport goods from one place to another in an open truck or trailer. When transporting cargo in an open truck, one always carries the fear of losing some of the precious goods due to wind, heat and uneven road surfaces. We all know that a loss in goods will result in a loss of potential income and we should do our best to avoid such an unfortunate event. Fortunately, there is an affordable solution that can rid you of your problems and it presents itself in the form of truck tarps. These coverings have become an essential accessory amongst truck owners across the country. It is prominent amongst people and business owners who want the contents of their open truck to be fully secure from all the harsh natural elements it would be exposed to during transit. Therefore there is now a great demand for custom tarpaulin.

Polyethylene tarp, canvas tarpaulin and vinyl tarp are amongst the various tarp material types available to consumers and they can come in different sizes. Selecting the correct tarpaulin for your truck is of great importance and Cargo Tarp & Net can assist you in doing so along with fittings and helping with necessary adjustments. Below is a description of the  tarpaulin material which is commonly utilized in the industry today.

  • Polyethylene: It is the most frequently used plastic around the world and used in the manufacture of polytarp. It is therefore of no surprise to know that polytarp is the most common tarp used and requested by consumers. It is manufactured by securing a woven mesh fabric sheet between two sheets of polyethylene. The innumerable size, colour and thickness options are definitely contributing factors to its popularity. Usually measured in millimetres, the thickness of this particular tarp can be charged by adding additional polyethylene reinforcement sheets during the production process. Polytarp can be reused after it has served its original purpose.
  • Vinyl: It is the second most used plastic in the world. This type of tarp has industrial strength and is used for heavy duty purposes, most often used for long term protection from water, wind and temperature extremities. Natural materials are used in the manufacturing process of vinyl tarp thereby making them highly durable, affordable and most importantly recyclable. This tarp material is ideal for outdoor usage as it can face the harshest of elements and be easily cleaned afterwards.
  • Canvas: this particular type of tarp offers a lot of everyday usage, namely the covering of indoor or outdoor furniture during construction or painting activities. Canvas tarps are naturally heavier which allows it to stay in place, reducing movement and slipping. Unlike polytarp, canvas tarps are less slick. Due to its flame retardant and water/ mildew resistant properties, canvas tarp is the ideal material of choice for shelter against sun, heavy rains and strong winds. However in the event of a large accumulation of water on the tarp, the tarp is likely to leak.

It is known that customization aside from providing good quality product is very much necessary and vital to companies if they want to stand out from the crowd and generate more income via product sales. A quick and convenient way to get your business name out there is by investing in custom truck tarp. Many individuals have doubts when it comes to purchasing such tarp because it will effectively cost more money, investment and time with regards to selecting the perfect tarp and discussing design but with all that said and done it will prove to be most beneficial. A few hours of time and effort is a small sacrifice to make in order to obtain a customized cover which will ultimately serve as a protective barrier for your truck and the goods you are transporting. The benefits are as follows:

  • Protects the load from over exposure to heat, moisture and any other adverse condition. The tarp secures the load in transit and will prevent any damage that will lead to incurring business losses.
  • It significantly reduces the chance of spillage. When fastened correctly, the tarp will contain goods within the truck. In the event that spillage does occur the spill will be contained to the area within the truck, making clean up easier especially in the case of chemical spillage.
  • Offers the benefit of advertising whilst goods are in transit. Company advertising can be done on tarp and provides businesses with a wider audience reach as most trucks travel between urban and remote areas.
  • All truck tarps can be adjusted and are dependable. It can be configured and designed to fit the truck perfectly with a select choice of hardware that can be used.

The multiple uses and benefits of tarp are endless and considering its affordability and durability, you can rely on tarp to enhance your business and help it growth from strength to strength. If you are located in Johannesburg and looking for a tarpaulin provider, contact us today!

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