We have witnessed the popularity of tautliner curtains steadily increase across South Africa. It is suitable for usage with almost all types of cargo and loads, making it a large contributing factor to its sudden rise in reputation. This particular type of transportation offers benefits for both customers and trucking companies alike. The benefits and potential associated with it is numerous as it provides the same level of protection to your freight that an enclosed vehicle would and it affords the same flexibility in loading that a flatbed truck would offer. Delivery drivers will appreciate the quick and ease of loading, unloading and controlling cargo from either side of the truck. Customers on the other hand can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their cargo is well protected and secured. Ensuring that each delivery is completed with minimal damage or loss of cargo occurring will gradually result in more customers seeking similar methods of transportation.


It must be noted that side curtains are extremely useful when transporting palletized cargo, as it can be safely loaded using a forklift. This however does not rule out other types of cargo such as large bags (grain), bottles and equipment to name a few. Some tautliners are able to be loaded from the top, making these specific ones more convenient for the transportation of freight such as woodchips/ logs and loose items. The curtains offer a certain level of load restrain during the journey, however the goods to be transported must be secured properly using chains, strong rope or straps. The main purpose of tautliner curtains is to provide security and shield against ghastly weather. This type of transportation method greatly increases the list of cargo goods which can normally be moved by a flatbed truck. The simple addition of side curtains has a great impact on transportation companies. In the event of sudden rips and tears, it is easy for drivers to perform a temporary trailer curtain repair until they reach their final destination where they will be able to properly assess the damage.


As easy as it may seem to load and unload the contents of a curtain side truck, there is a methodical and safe way of handling the curtains. The points listed below are merely a guide to ensure both worker and customer safety.                                                                                                  

1. Avoid opening the side of the curtain which has a bulge. A bulge is an indication that cargo might have moved during the journey. This can result in a potentially dangerous situation. It would therefore be a wise decision to open the opposing side curtain and judge any movement of goods.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

2. Be mindful of the weather conditions upon delivery. Strong winds can make offloading a difficult process. Heavy winds can swing the curtain pole into people, causing head or bodily injury. If possible, open the side which is not exposed to the wind.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

3. The straps located at the bottom prevent the curtain from flying during transit. It is important to double or triple check that all straps are properly secured before departing, as loose buckles can cause the curtains to flap which is distracting to other motorists.                                     

4. Ensure that the curtains are in a well-kept state with no sign of deterioration. The tarp curtains must be able to hold the weight and force of any freight that might move and push up against the curtain for long periods of time. Deterioration can occur due to horrible weather or increased sun exposure (causing brittleness and weakness to specific spots).                                                                                                                   

5. Restrain the cargo within the container before closing the straps. The side curtains only provide protection from external forces. It is the responsibility of the transportation company to make certain that the cargo inside is properly restrained, with little to no room for movement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


The greatest benefit of opting for side curtain hire and transportation is the versatility which it offers. The advantages of an enclosed van and flatbed trailer are combined into one single vehicle. Freight such as glass, chemicals, automotive components and food which we wouldn’t usually load onto an open truck due to the high likelihood of looting, can now be transported within the safe space of the tautliner curtains. The resourceful design of such trucks allow for cargo to be loaded from either side of the trailer, the back end and in some cases cargo can be lowered into the truck from above via crane usage. In general, choosing trailer curtains is a huge advantage and strongly recommended to trucking companies. It is a solution that will reward you with great return on investment almost immediately. Contact Cargo Tarp & Net to find out more about this option. Our well experienced and professional staff will happily assist you on the best way forward.

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