Trailer curtains are growing leaps and bounds in popularity. This is because they support a wider and more flexible range cargo load options without requiring a complex configuration. Installing trailer curtains is much for financially rewarding for companies as it is cost efficient and easily repairable or replaceable. If you are looking to repair your existing trailer cover/ curtain or if you are interested in purchasing a new one for your business, Cargo Tarp and Net will provide you with the best quality tarp curtain. We are dedicated to catering to the individual needs of each client and will design custom curtain trailers based on the aspects which are most important to your company, be it size, metals or accessories.

Let’s start from the very beginning and familiarize ourselves with trailer curtains and trailer curtain transport.


What is trailer curtain transportation?

 It is understandable why more and more companies are opting for this type of transport. It is advantageous for both the customer and the business owner. Customers and business owners alike have peace of mind knowing that the cargo isn’t exposed or at risk. The trailer curtain provides the same level of protection that box trailer or enclosed van would provide. The trucking company staff also have the much more pleasant task of simple and efficient loading and offloading from either side of the truck. The benefits associated with trailer curtains not only appeal to trucking companies but to the customer as well. The demand for this type of transportation by customers is pushing more and more companies into seeking this transport option.


What is a trailer curtain?
It is a very common occurrence and sighting on South African roads to find large logistic companies with trailer side curtains. The South African transportation industry has quickly adjusted and is embracing the use of tarp curtains while enjoying its added benefits. The three most outstanding benefits of trailer curtains is the safety of cargo, versatility of carrier loads and the easy accessibility of cargo once at the final destination. The versatility aspect of this transport design awards companies the opportunity of accepting various sized cargo and allows them to now efficiently and safely transport goods which aren’t of a standard shape or uniformed capacity. The strength and durability of tarpaulin means that the curtains can handle the typical challenges that are present with regular transporting. Having a fleet of trucks with trailer curtains automatically increases the potential income of the business as multiple loads in a single trailer can be achieved without any doubt of concern over loss or damage to the cargo.


What type of goods can be transported in a trailer curtain truck?
The simple answer to the above question is EVERYTHING! Any type of cargo can be transported as long as it is enclosed within the trailer. The protection offered against adverse conditions makes it suitable for the transportation of most goods. This includes the large variety of goods that you would usually see on a flatbed truck and much more as the enclosed surroundings broadens the list of cargo. Here is just some of the types of cargo that can be transported within a trailer; industrial components (automotive components, chemicals, weapons and defense machinery), construction material (wooden slats, windows, doors, bricks and laminates) and general consumer goods (canned food, maize, paper products, household items as well as cool drinks and beers).


What is the load capacity of each trailer?
The beauty of trailer curtains is that you can transport full loads or half loads. Both loads can be securely strapped down and placed within the safety of the trailer. This type of transport is particularly popular for less than truckload (LTL) shipments. LTL refers to loads which are either multiple small packages or too large but they do not constitute as a full truckload. These less than truckload shipments can be transported across the country without any worry and concern of breakage and damage.


Why is trailer curtain transportation so important today?
The most major benefit and turning point for this particular type of transport is the versatility factor. More business and companies now do not have to turn down jobs that they would have previously said no to. In such a fast growing industry, companies have to stay competitive and cater to a vast majority of needs that customers may want and are willing to pay for. The quickness and efficiency of loading and offloading cargo saves time at each destination and we all know that time is money. Therefore wasting time on one load a day isn’t ideal.


From the protection provided by trailer covers all the way to the ease of the curtain repairs, it is not difficult to understand why this is the best option for your company and fleet. Contact us today and let us help you propel your transportation company ahead!

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