Over the years we have seen the introduction and utilization of various materials in creative ways. The uses of tarpaulin are no different as they are multiple and on a broad spectrum. It is for this reason that the sale of tarpaulin has drastically increased over the years. This specialized fabric can be used as shelter from extreme weather conditions, used as drop sheets for tasks such as painting and plastering, ground cover for protecting sports fields and of course on tautliners for protecting the objects and goods which are been transported.  Due to its inexpensive and water resistant qualities, polyethylene and PVC tarpaulins have become a popular choice among many people and businesses. Most notably, the use of tarpaulin for large advertising and billboards has grown in leaps and bounds. Perforated tarp is typically used as it is said to reduce any vulnerability and susceptibility to strong winds.

    Tarps are categorized by different factors which include fabric type namely canvas, polyvinyl chloride, mesh and polyethylene. It is then further classified based on its thickness (millimetres) and divided into regular, heavy or super heavy duty. Grommet strength is also a determining factor as grommets can be either simple or reinforced. Heavy duty tarpaulin is usually the most selected material as the tarps are manufactured with high density polyethylene which is known for been resistant to strong UV rays, stable is prolonged periods of heavy wind and for having a longer lifespan with minimal to no tarpaulin repairs required. Poly tarp is considered to be more of a laminate of intertwined sheet material rather than a fabric. The centre contains loosely interlaced polyethylene plastic strips, which gives it a more fabric like appearance and allows for easy folding, stretching and storage. Heavy duty silver poly tarps feature heat welded seams and are more suitable for industrial or commercial purposes.

    Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tarpaulins are meant for heavy duty usage as it is industry grade. It is strongly constructed and coated with yellow vinyl which gives it its water resistant characteristic. PVC tarp has the ability to withstand normal wear and tear and excessive abrasion due to its construction quality. Along with water, this material is also able to withstand grease, acid, oil and mildew which make it the perfect choice for application in construction, agriculture, household uses and for usage on industrial trucks. Numerous transportation companies select tarpaulin as a way to shelter and protect consumable goods and other items during transit. The material is able to withstand harsh weather conditions without altering the integrity of the items being transported. Different types of vehicles will need different tarpaulin types, as the choice of tarp is strongly influenced by the items which need to be transported.  A vast majority of logistic companies use tarpaulin has a protect barrier and insulation for their items as well as a means of advertising. With digital printing available on tarp, companies are able to do constructive advertising at a once off cost. This type of advertising will have a wider reach as trucks usually travel to both urban and remote areas.

    As mentioned above, tarpaulin is resistant to ultraviolet rays provided that it is treated against UV light during manufacture. Tarp which is not treated and non UV material will become brittle, lose water resistant quality and strength over increased exposure to sunlight. Fortunately, almost all tarpaulin products undergo UV treatment before it is sold to clients, but if you are in need of a quick repair contact Cargo Tarp and Net and we will provide the best solution to your problem. With so many characteristics, tarp is a highly versatile material. Customers can even make purchases influenced by fabric colour, grommet distance between each other and metal wear type (stainless steel or aluminium). It is important to note that when purchasing pre-cut tarp, the actual tarp size is roughly 3-5% smaller than the advertised measurement. Customers are encouraged to make an informed decision about the application for which the tarp is needed in order to select the one which is best suited for you. Although any purchased item will require a fair amount of maintenance, an excessive amount of required maintenance can turn out to be quite an expensive proposition in the long run. Tarpaulins however require minimal maintenance and care. Any visible dirt and grime can be dusted away and make use of a simple cleaning solution (eg. soapy water) to retain the glossy sheen and shine of the tarp.

    If you or your business is in need tarpaulin for safety, containment or advertising purposes contact Cargo Tarp and Net today as we are the leaders in tarpaulin manufacturing and specification. Our experienced stuff will be able to offer you the best advice based on your specific needs.

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