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Cargo Tarp and Net Manufacturers is your one-stop-shop when it comes to superb quality, robust cargo nets in Johannesburg. Amongst cargo nets, Cargo Tarp and Net offer a range of products required within the Tarp and Net industry. We are also manufacturers of tarp and tautliner covers as well as trailer covers, tipper covers slop trailer covers and even boat covers! If you are searching for top-of-the-range bakkie nets in Johannesburg, we are your go-to! As one of the industry leaders of cargo net manufacturers in Johannesburg, you can be guaranteed that we have your haul covered!

Why use a cargo net?

While there are a myriad of uses for cargo nets – the most obvious would be to secure items in place in a truck or bakkie, when travelling long distances – bakkie nets are also highly useful for smaller loads. Heavy duty cargo nets can also be used to lift up heavy goods into a container, such as for shipping. These cargo nets are attached with cinches at each corner, which are then attached to a crane hook which lifts the net up to create a basket, transporting the cargo into place.

Cargo nets and tarps can be used to cover and restrain a number of oddly shaped, loose items or materials during travel, which would otherwise be difficult to secure with any other kind of tie-down material.

The advantages of using our cargo nets and tarps

As industry leaders amongst the cargo net manufacturers in Johannesburg, we pride ourselves on superb workmanship, utilizing materials of the highest standard to ensure customer satisfaction and a product of the highest quality. Our nets are made from top-of-the-range cargo netting material to form a network of cords which cross over one another to form a strong and sturdy netting product. Our cargo nets are also created with an element of stretchiness, allowing for the natural movement of products and materials during transport, so as to ensure your load arrives safely and intact at its destination. Essentially, our cargo nets and bakkie nets work to eliminate the element of stress while travelling, offering you peace-of-mind that your goods will arrive as safely as possible.

Additional advantages include:

  • Our cargo nets connect and disconnect quickly, making for ease of unloading goods
  • Each cargo net or bakkie net is sized for specific applications – you can choose the exact size you need
  • Our nets can secure multiple, oddly shaped items as one load, instead of having to secure each item separately.

How can cargo nets be used?

As a premier cargo net manufacturer in Johannesburg, with many years of success to our name – our cargo nets are made to order for all your specific needs. Generally, our cargo netting material is manufactured to suit all types of loads, from light, domestic loads, to heavy duty, industrial loads. Our bakkie nets can also be used to secure luggage, camping equipment, boxes, cooler boxes, furniture and more to bakkies and trailers, while our heavy-duty cargo nets can be used to secure goods to trucks, truck trailers, cargo carriers, truck beds and more.

For high-quality cargo nets in Johannesburg, Cargo Net and Tarp Manufacturers have their thumb on the pulse of the cargo net manufacturing sector. We understand the needs of our clients and go out of our way to achieve it.  Looking for cargo nets for sale in Johannesburg? Get in touch with us for your ideal shape and size to best suit your load!


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