Tarpaulin is considered to be among one of the most versatile materials in the industry which is available to us today. It is predominantly used as a protective measure to shield/ protect objects from hazardous or dangerous conditions. Due to its highly durable nature and strength, tarp is able to withstand various types of outdoor environmental stressors and is therefore a sought after product for both residential and commercial usage. Purchasing tarp however is not as straightforward as it seems and there are factors that you should consider in order to make the most appropriate choice. Currently tarpaulin is being broadly utilized for a vast number of purposes. This in turn makes the product market highly diverse. In order to meet the high demand different types of tarpaulins are manufactured and supplied, each with a specific use for a specific industry.

Various tarpaulin applications


The most common application purposes include the below:

 1. Advertising: Tarp is frequently used by businesses as it is the perfect material for advertising whether it is for billboards or truck fleets. Trucking company owners can capitalize on advertising their business and gaining exposure whilst protecting their cargo along the journey. The high resistance properties of tarp to the natural elements make it a highly effective material for a broad spectrum outdoor advertising.

2. A protective outdoor covering (tent and marquees): The protective qualities of tarpaulin are the reason it is widely used. It is both waterproof and weatherproof depending on the tarp you select. Your selection should be based on the conditions you wish for it to withstand. Tarpaulin is available in three options; regular duty, heavy duty and super heavy duty. The latter two are well suited for colder environments as they provide better resistance against water and wind.
3. Ground or surface cover: Tarpaulin is regularly used as a groundsheet by avid campers. It is placed on the ground and forms a base for the tent to be set up upon. This prevents any moisture from seeping into the tent hereby making it an essential item for outdoor enthusiasts. In keeping with its use as a ground cover, tarp is used in the sporting industry as well. It is frequently utilized in cricket to cover the pitch and surrounding areas during heavy rainfall.
4. A temporary fix in an emergency situation: Such an emergency could be a break or damage in the roof or wall of your home or establishment. The tarp can be used to cover up the break and prevent dust, dirt or water from entering until you are able to get it repaired. It is also ideal for covering fixed objects or furniture during home renovations to prevent any permanent damage to your belongings.


The various types of tarpaulin available:

There tarp options available vary in thickness, size and mesh counts. As a result, each different type is better suited for its own specific function. Some of the most popular tarpaulins are:
1. PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) tarps: These tarps are made from extremely high strength polyester reinforced PVC. PVC tarps are better suited and commonly used in the construction, roofing and trucking industries due to its heavy duty nature and durability. This tarp is not breathable fabric however, it is completely waterproof. It does undergo treatment to protect against UV rays, meaning that the fabric will not easily perish due to constant sun exposure.
2. Poly (Polyethylene) tarps: Poly tarps are fabricated by coating nylon or polyester mesh fabric with polyethylene. This particular type of tarpaulin is the most economical and the most versatile tarp on the market as it can be used for virtually any purpose. Aside from being inexpensive, it is also very easy to maneuver and work with. In comparison to PVC tarp, poly is less environmentally friendly and sturdy.
3. Canvas tarps: Canvas tarp is among the first type of tarp ever manufactured. This tarp type has frequent usage within the agricultural and transportation industry as it is an excellent choice to cover fixed objects which require breathability. Canvas is strong enough to protect your possessions and supplies, and the breathable aspect of it prevents condensation from occurring.


If you require tarpaulin for personal use such as camping, domestic use such as home repairs/ renovations or if you simply need it to protect your cargo during a long journey then you will be glad to know that there is a specification of tarp to meet your requirements. Cargo Tarp & Net are reputable tarpaulin manufacturers in Durban, specializing in a wide range of tarp services including tarpaulin repairs. Give us a call and one of our trusty advisors will be able to assist you in in finding the tarp most suited for your application. Contact us today!

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