We all know what tarps are but why are they so important? You’ve probably seen tarps more often than you realise… they’re used in the logistics industry for things such as coverings for trucks or used in the construction of tents and even similar materials are used for promotional items. Tarps are a large sheet of strong, flexible, water-resistant or waterproof material, often cloth such as canvas or polyester coated with polyurethane, or made of plastics such as polyethene.

They’re famously used in tautliner trucks for as curtain sides that allow the contents of the truck to be accessed from the sides. They have strong aluminium corners that protect and enhance the trucks structural integrity. They’re also used to hold goods or as covers for bakkies or cargo nets and as the material that most large marquees and tents are made of.

So why use tarps? Well in this article we’re going to highlight why tarps are important, what you need to know before buying one and their benefits, and also what a digitally printed tarp can add to your business. Let’s look at where tarps are used in the logistics industry.

Tarps are durable and protect against many weather elements. since they’re often used for logistics and transport, you need a waterproof and strong material that can protect your cargo. Tarps are great because they’re used on large freight trucks, small bakkies and pool and dam covers. It might be tempting to just use a string net when transporting gifts but those nets often lack structural integrity and if torn can cause a huge rift which can lead to damaged or lost cargo. If you are looking for a net we suggest using a heavy duty cargo net.

Tarps are great because they are extremely versatile and highly advantageous investment. Tarps aren’t just used for trucks and logistics, they’re also used for marquees and tents. We offer a wide range of marquees and tents that would help you with planning your next outdoor event. Tarps are great because they’re perfect for erecting in suitable outdoor locations and you don’t have to worry about being restricted to just one venue and it’s confined place.

Tents and marquees can be used for weddings, corporate events, church gatherings and even festivities. Since we keep a wide range of tents, from peg and pole tents to frame tents you can choose the perfect tent to suit your needs.

If you’re choosing a tarp you should consider the following:

– Make sure you measure the size of your vehicle: Do not just estimate the size, be sure to measure it. You will be investing money in a tarp that will last you for a long period of time and it should be the right fit. Tarps are an initially expensive product but they pay off in the long run.

-Good quality: Make sure you do your research and buy a high-quality tarp. Don’t be swayed by sales talk, rather speak to a professional who offers good advice and you’ll have ease of mind knowing that you can rest assured that you made the right decision.

– Check the details: Your tarp should be able to suit the temperature of the area you travel and live in, check the maximum and minimum temperature it can withstand.

-Choose a good colour: If you are one of those that live in a dusty place than you might prefer a darker covering or if you’re committed to investing in your tarp, consider getting it digitally printed.

We offer the service of digitally printing tarps, you may not realise but the importance of branding your tarp is often underestimated. If you’re using your tarp on a vehicle, it will be on the road for extended periods of times, this serves as a great advertisement opportunity and people will be able to see your brand and contact you just by you having your trucks moving around. You have the opportunity to turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard. We also print posters, banners, and signs for display and promotional needs for corporate or private events. We know your brand is important and making sure it’s visible and easy to recognise is one of our valued missions. We believe that the right promotion can be a valuable investment as since tarps are known to be durable, they’re a great idea for printing on.

If you purchase a tarp from us then you’d be glad to know that in case of any accidents, we also offer a 24-hour emergency hotline in case you need an immediate repair. We’re also professional tarp repairmen who can conduct tarp repairs in Durban and cater to all your other tarp and net needs.

We hope you have a deeper appreciation for the wonderful material tarp is and the benefits potentially has for you and your company.

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