Even as we move into the new digital era, businesses must still rely on a strong presence of physical signage to help bring in clientele. Signage is one of the most important elements of a successful marketing strategy for local businesses as it can be used in two areas of marketing namely branding and advertising. As with any other form of media, there are a few basic laws that you would need to abide by.

Local laws may stipulate where you place your signage on both vehicles, logistics vehicles and also physical location. Certain buildings may have their own set of laws stipulated by the buildings governing body so always check in with them prior to even getting your signage started.

Aside from local laws, the positioning of your signage is also extremely important, as well as the overall look and feel of your signage. Getting a professional signage company to assist with the design as well as installation of your signage is a must as they are well experienced with any and all factors that would affect your signage, such as positioning and even colours. Background colours for your design are important to consider, remember that black contrasts very well with any light colour and white works extremely well with having a dark value. Don’t use any background colours that could possibly make it difficult for the viewer to focus on the main message! Knowing the environment in which your signage is going to be positioned in helps when designing your signage as it assists with the selection of contrasting colours that help your brand stand out. A few questions to ask when designing your signage would be things such as: Where is the sign going? How close is your signage going to be to your viewers? Will this signage be able to be utilized across various environments?

The location of your signage is extremely important as the area you have chosen to place it in contributes to people’s awareness of your brand. Be it on a vehicle or on your building, wherever you place your signage is what people are going to relate your business to so always ensure the areas and or vehicle looks neat! A perfect spot for signage is on the side of logistic trucks, their large trailer sides allow for a large piece of signage that is constantly being seen by a vast audience while transporting your goods. These large types of jobs need to be done by professionals in the field of signage in order to save you money, sending jobs to inexperienced signage companies may result in you paying twice to get the job done professionally the second time around. Companies such as Cargo Tarp and Net are experts in the field of signage and have put together some of the most vibrant and expertly executed signage Durban has ever seen! Projects as large as Coca Cola and Frimax trucks have been orchestrated by Cargo Tarp and Net.

The size of your signage is also extremely important, sometimes a sign that is far too large can be a distraction and ends up swindling the attention away from your message. The strategic placing of a sign must also come into consideration when planning out your signage, a place that forces people to stop and look around, such as an intersection would be ideal for signage. Well crafted signage has also been seen on the back of truck trailers, the signage on the back of truck trailers are ideal as vehicles passing by or driving behind them are drawn to these.

Another factor to consider when putting together the artwork is the actual text style of your signage. The style of text can actually cause people to either read the message you are conveying or simply pass by without a second glance.

Always remember that simple signage is a lot more efficient than complex designs as this distracts the viewer from your overall message. On most signage seen on trucks, buildings, cars and buildings today, you will notice that it has been kept simple and to the point. A viewer is able to gather an entire message by merely glancing at the signage for a few seconds.

Material being used to construct your signage is a waging factor in the development of it, many signage companies may opt to use cheaper materials than others which can always lead to a shortfall on your signage’s life span.

Remember that your signage represents your company, so always ensure that you opt to go to professional signage company. Cargo Tarp and Net has a strong presence as an industry leader of signage in Durban and is always willing to go the extra mile.

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