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Brand identity is of utmost importance in today’s business world and you can never have enough of it! If you’re in search of the ideal way to promote your business, then our digital printed tautliner solution in Johannesburg is your answer! What better way to advertise your business name than on the side of one of your tautliners that transport your goods all over Johannesburg and perhaps throughout the country! Digitally printed tautliners are one of the best forms of mobile advertising, you are able to reach a vast audience by just driving! Our digitally printed tautliners in Johannesburg represent ‘mobile billboards’ and are well worth the investment for your business! Cargo Tarp and Net Johannesburg offer custom printed tautliners to suit your business, our printers and tautliner manufacturing utilize the highest standards of material in the industry, offering our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee!  
What is a tautliner curtain?  A tautliner curtain, also known as a curtain-side, is basically a tall, standing structure, which is mounted to a flatbed truck, covered by a tarping or curtaining system. Typically, a tautliner curtain-side offers access to the flatbed trailer via the rear and sides of the structure, where the curtains are rolled up and goods loaded onto the truck. Once goods have been loaded onto the truck, the curtains are rolled down and secured. This is where fleet branding comes in with our printed truck curtains. The advantages of printed tautliners Generally, the flexible design of printed tautliners, as well as the rear door design of the flatbed truck ensure the entire width and length of the truck can support loads equally well – maximizing your loading and transporting capacity. The curtain sides and rear door also ensure the best security possible and robust weather protection. As the curtain sides can be quickly and easily rolled up, this allows for fast and efficient loading and unloading of goods – ultimately saving you time and money! Finally, our printed tautliner curtains make for the best mobile marketing campaign for your business – promoting your brand name one kilometre at a time. Fleet branding At Cargo Tarp and Net Manufacturers, we specialise in the production of top quality cargo tarpaulins and tautliner curtains and not-to-mention, tarpaulin printing. Each product is made to the exacting specifications and standards each client demands. Our reputation precedes us and we pride ourselves on our 24-hour, 7-day a week service, where we offer onsite, emergency repairs to your tautliner fleet and their tarpaulins or curtains, as and when needed. In addition, our tarpaulin printing services are highly in-demand – we are able to print almost anything each client requires in the shortest turn-around time possible.  Brand your fleet and stand out from the rest with our printed tautliner curtains and printed truck curtains! Customer service is the name of the game With Cargo Tarp and Net Manufacturers Johannesburg, ‘excellent customer service’ is not just a simple phrase in passing – we truly pride ourselves on offering the best-of-the-best in the industry. Our onsite tautliner curtain repair service is always available on request, minimising down-time and ensuring you are able to get your fleet back on the road in the quickest time possible. Our incredible staff and team of manufacturers produce top-of-the-range products from high-quality materials, while also conducting repairs, washing and maintaining tautliner curtains and tarpaulins as and when needed. Finally, our digital printed tautliners also mean you pay a lower premium on the overall cost of purchasing one or more of our printed truck curtains or tarpaulins. If you are looking for full-proof, return-on-investment advertising for your business, our digital printed tautliners in Johannesburg are a sure thing! Contact us today for a quote.

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